Story Points are DEAD Meetup Agile World Hot Topic S3 E7

Story Points are DEAD Meetup Agile World Hot Topic S3 E7

Story Points are DEAD Meetup with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith talk with Mark Walsh and Cyril Costa and a host of thousands well a few who could make it about Story Points on the meetup session Story Points are DEAD Tuesday, July 6.
Mark Walsh – Business C-Suite, service owners, project sponsors, business analysts, 3rd party vendors (RFQs and contract management). I’ve worked with the most senior decision makers, used to delivering very substantial cost-savings, revenue-increases, and controlling projects impacting thousands of stakeholders. Onboarded by businesses to assess their existing Target Operating Model (TOM), and advise on and plan restructuring, re-engineering, and operational and fiscal streamlining. This has consistently produced large measurable benefits.
Cyril Coste – He is an accomplished and high-performing digital leader and with a strong reputation as a digital expert and thought leader. His accolades include #1 ranking on UK’s Most Influential Independent Digital Transformation Experts Power List (2PS) and being named in the Global Top 100 Digital Transformation Influencers (Onalytica. 2017/2018/2019/2020).
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