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Agile World Hot Topics

Agile World Hot TopicThe Agile World Hot Topics show has been created to engage with the Agile community and wider to talk about the successes and problems with Agile. Agile World has established a technical platform for distribution. Its programming style

that is intended to be fun, full of joy and hope.

This is the fourth show from Agile World and we hope you enjoy it and you can expect more shows in other formats to follow.

Hosts of the Hot Topics show

The Hot Topics show can be hosted by any of Our Team, there are eight teams on nine shows, with more to follow.

Agile World Team

Agile World LogoAgile World is Broadcast Network organisation based in Hollywood, California set up to make and distribute Agile media, entertainment and educational materials, it is an initiative of the nonprofit Agile World Incorporated C4780724 also based in Hollywood, California. The Agile World talk show was created by Karl A L Smith based upon an homage to Wayne’s World and the Edinburgh Comedy Festival daily round up and Sabrina C E Bruce as a way to garner engagement during a worldwide free festival in February 2021 that celebrated 20 years of Agile. It continues today as a nonprofit Entertainment and Education organization for supporting people to gain free access to Agile education and continued professional development for existing Agile practitioners.

Together in February 2021 from 28 days Karl (volunteer, then CTO, then trustee) and Sabrina (volunteer, then CMO, then trustee) with other trustees, ambassadors, speakers and attendees from The Agile20 Reflect Festival made 25 episodes, evolving the format as they went by experimentation. Working together within the Agile20 Reflect Festival the founders focused on the fun side of Agile, the humour is clear in their engagement with each other and their guests.

Agile World is now on 18 digital platforms and working on another 14 at the moment, it continues to strengthen its format through enabling content creators from other languages and time zone to encompass the world.

Agile World Broadcast Network Vision

Agile World is committed to people, their hopes and dreams and giving them a voice. It has focused on the thousands of people who make a difference every day supporting others in adopting, evolving and being Agile.

We are committed listening and communicating to everyone who needs support to evolve their lives

Agile World offers open programming and educational materials to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Agile and how it can aid them in their everyday life.  Teachers, Architects, Government, Treasury, FMCG, Healthcare any kind of agile practice or experience is welcome.

Agile World Broadcast Network is an Agile World Incorporated Initiative

Agile World Logo squareAgile World Education and Training initiatives are focused on how people learn and adopt new ideas, there are the entertainment and discovery aspects of Agile World Broadcast Network, the formal aspects of of the Agile World Institute, the self service and self led behaviour of the Agile World Resources and finally the challenge driven by Think Agile to ensure that we do not become stale in our approaches and ways to support people. Each of the these Agile experiments connects thinking about something to actually doing something and when we think of more we will do more, but we will constantly refine and evolve just like any other Agile activity.